Lemlist Integration

Prospect on Autopilot with Lead Engines and Lemlist

When you write an amazing cold email, you suddenly find yourself with a new problem – You need to find new people to send it to! And not just once, you need to find new leads all of the time…

Or you can just use Lead Engines.

1) Start by syncing Lead Engines with Lemlist.


2) Use powerful filters to find your perfect leads.



3) Pick which Lemlist Campaign to upload the leads to.


And that’s it!

Lead Engines will add new contacts to that campaign every day so you never run out of Leads. 

Now you can spend more time closing deals and less time building lead lists.


All of the leads are validated in real-time right before we add them to your sequence, and we deduplicate against your Lemlist account so you never pay for data you already have. 

All of our email addresses are direct business emails; you won’t get any sales@, info@, or @gmail.com emails from Lead Engines.

Some users have reported spending up to 98% less time building cold email lists. And they’re getting cleaner, fresher data than ever before.


Try it now with our 14 day trial and get 300 credits absolutely free.

Search By Industry, Company Size, Job Title, Geography, and even more – including a super powerful Keyword filter that can target just about anything!

All of our data is cleaned in real time before we add it to your cold email campaigns – that way you don’t have to worry about cleaning it yourself!

All of our email addresses are either valid or catch-all emails – unknowns and invalids have been removed. We also check employment data to make sure the email is as relevant as possible and scrub anything like an “LLC,” “Incorporated,” etc. out of the company names.

Our data is about 95% deliverable and our advanced text naturalization helps keep spam reports down – so you don’t have to worry about bad data getting you put on the spam lists.

Yes. We integrate directly with Lemlist which means we can deduplicate our data against the data you already have.