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The LeadEngines Platform

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Cold Outreach Masterclass

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Lead Generation & Traffic Masterclass

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The 2X Challenge

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Cold Outreach
Masterclass $297 value

  • Module 1: The Basics of Cold Outreach

    This module will set the stage and
    expectations for what you will get out of this program. Fully understand the right approach to cold outreach that separates you from the crowd – avoiding the common mistakes 95% of marketers make. We’ll also walk through the process for how you can identify who your perfect prospect / customer persona is.

  • Module 2: Building a Prospect List

    While LeadEngines will be fully-automating your prospecting – including the cleansing, validating and verifying of each prospect, we wanted to teach you a few of other strategies for extracting more prospects. The Linkedin approach, Facebook approach, Instagram approach, Twitter approach, Technology approach (one of my favorites), Footprint approach and the Backlink approach, provides 7 extra ways to prospect!

  • Module 3: Email Setup, IP Warming & Deliverability

    We’re going to be walking through from A to Z, the entire technical setup. Starting with how and why we purchase additional domains, to setting up a Gsuite account and configure it to send our cold outreach emails, to additional email validation tools (when using the 7 extra prospecting methods), to creating a bullet-proof email warming sequence, to expert deliverability tips.

  • Module 4: Writing Your Sequence

    This module is going to uncover everything you need to know about writing your cold emails. Starting with the anatomy of the perfect cold email, to writing subject lines that get 50% open rates, to customizing your first lines in email to get 10X results, to writing the perfect follow-up sequence and setting up your campaign in your cold outreach tool.

  • Module 5: Analyze, Optimize & Scale

    These 5 videos are focusing in on taking your cold outreach to the next level. You’ll learn how to properly A/B test different elements of your outreach emails and sequence. Also, how to measure the effectiveness of each campaign (including benchmarks to follow). How to retarget your cold prospects to pull them back into your engagement sequence. How to sync your interested cold prospects into your CRM so you can turn them into red-hot buyers. Finally, how to outsource the heavy lifting and scaling to an outreach manager.


Lead Generation & Traffic
Masterclass $297 value

This bundle provides two amazing
masterclasses’ in one.

Starting with Traffic Masterclass…

  • Traffic Types – We’ll be walking you through a balanced approach of different short-term and long-term traffic generation techniques.

  • Comparison Capture System – You’ll learn how to build review pages that receive hundreds of 4.8 and above ratings on sites like G2, Capterra, TrustRadius and others – some of the most important comparison-shopping pages that 74% of people look at before making an educated buying decision.

  • Review Generation Engine – Find out how to create an automated system for collecting customer feedback scores, while also uncovering issues/concerns unhappy customers may be experiencing – plus how to turn them into happy, awesome reviews!

  • Pixel Converter – Find out how to leverage retargeting to generating some of the highest ROI ever – using sites like Facebook, Google, Quora, Twiter, Linkedin and Adroll.

  • PR Placement System – Want to generate dozens of press opportunities on high-value/authority, major publications like, Forbes, TechCrunch and others? This system will help you to monitor for opportunities and teach you how to properly pitch journalist.

  • Quora / Facebook / YouTube Velocity – Ready to kick your traffic generation into another gear – leveraging the most highly trafficked websites on the web? We’ll show you how to quickly monitor and siphon traffic from popular social media sites to your website/blog/social profiles and more.

and Lead Generation Masterclass…

  • Prospecting Sharpener – Create an automated system for engaging with your prospects that will help qualify each prospect so that you and your sales team are only spending your time on highly qualified, motivated buyers.

  • Linkedin Velocity – Ready to put Linkedin prospecting on steroids? Watch our step-by-step system for handling connection requests, lead nurturing and conversion.

  • Inbound Pipeline – Want more leads to be coming to you? Find out 6 different methods for leveraging the traffic coming to your website and turning that visitor into a lead.

  • Lead Feeder – As you start to scale your lead generation, you’re going to want a refined system for managing those leads. That means a way to funnel bad leads out and good leads in. That’s exactly what the Lead Feeder method is all about.

  • Chatbot Handler – Ready to start leveraging chatbots to provide self-help options for automated sales and support? Chatbot Handler will walk you through how to create your first chatbot campaign that can provide prospects and customers with exactly what they need, without draining valuable resources.

  • CRM Sharpener – Have leads all over the place that are slipping through the cracks? Sharpen your CRM to have proper follow-up and automation to close more deals.

  • Demo Closer – A “demo” meeting should never be an actual “demo” of your software – unfortunately that’s what most sales people do. There is a very specific approach to fully understanding your prospects needs and position your product/service in a way that maximizes the benefits and end results they want.


OutreachSpy $397 value

  • Research Recon – Ready for some ninja methods
    for connecting with influencers by reverse engineering
    them? See how we spy on influencers to yield an 80%+ connection rate.

  • Content Recon – Learn how to create content that strokes the ego of influencers, making them take notice of you and help spread the word about your content for you.

  • Outreach Recon – Learn 5 unique methods for approaching influencers in a way that is organic, natural and not your typically “sales” approach that 99 times out of 100 leads nowhere.

  • JV Recon – Leverage the exactly outreach template we have used to recruit over 10,000 JV and Affiliate partners to promote various products and product launches over the past 10 years.


The 2X Challenge $297 value

This 30-day intensive was designed to help your business 2X sales, leveraging the existing traffic and customers you already have.

After generating over $20M online, working with thousands of online businesses that have processed over 500M in sales on our PayKickstart platform, we have had the unique position to look behind the scenes of the most profitable and successful companies.

For 30 days, you will have a step-by-step mission.

  • The Strategy Video – Each strategy video breaks down the strategy and why it is so vital to your online business.

  • The Worksheet– Each worksheet will help you to visualize your thoughts and execution plan.

  • The Implementation Video – Finally the implementation video will show you exactly how to implement the strategy and mission for that particular day.

By the end of the program, you will have a business that maximizes the customer lifetime value and average order value, while retaining more customers who will continue to pay you month-after-month, year-after-year.

100% Money-Back Guarantee Policy

With Lead Engines and this exclusive offer, there's no risk, and you can try this program out! If after 30 days, you are not 100% satisfied and don't feel like this is the right program for you, just contact, and we will give you a full refund.

* Refund policy is void for those who used over 500 lead credits.



What Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals
Are Saying About the B2B Lead Generation
Software + Training Program

“Before switching to Lead Engines we had to send about 2,700 emails to book a sales meeting.  After leveraging Lead Engines platform and their data, it takes 78 emails to book a sales meeting."

Lynne Clement
Lynne Clement Director of Sales

“Lead Engines save me so much time.  I can support more clients because I spend less time building their cold email lists.  The data is clean and accurate so I never worry about emails going to spam or extra cleaning required.”

David Begg
David Begg Cold Email Expert
Small Biz Triage

"I’d been working with another email provider for years and I was at a loss for why we were hitting the spam box time and time again.  With Lead Engines we started seeing a 10x ROI in a few short months.”

Jordan Sternberg
Jordan Sternberg Director of Sales Operations
Jumper Media

“We created Lead Engines because there was no solution available to fully automate B2B lead prospecting at scale, while keeping the integrity of high-quality leads.  Lead Engines solves that challenge, instantly.”

Ryan Matonis
Ryan Matonis Founder
Bangkok, Lead Engines

Frequently Asked Questions

Is setting up my first Lead Engine easy? +

Absolutely! Setting up your first campaign can be done in less than 5 minutes. Simply use the advanced filters, like “Industry”, “Employee Count”, “Title”, “Function/Seniority”, “Location”, “Keywords”, to narrow your prospecting search. Then tell LeadEngines which cold outreach tool and campaign to send the prospects to on a daily basis.

How long before I see results? +

The great part about this B2B Lead Generation system is results start coming in IMMEDIATELY!  Of course, results will vary based on the 4 pillars of running a cold outreach campaign (The Strategy, Defining Your Audience, The Approach, The Execution).

How big is the Lead Engines Database? +

Unlike most prospecting tools that simply store a massive database of outdated contact records, Lead Engines generates all prospect information in real-time.  This ensures that you are getting the most up-to-date, accurate prospect information, every day.

Can I generate prospects from anywhere in the world? +

Yes!  You can use the “Location” filter to narrow your search from a specific Country, State, or City, anywhere across the world. You can also target a specific language by using the “Keyword” filter and searching for a keyword in that language.

I don’t have a tool to send my cold outreach emails? +

Don’t worry, we have worked out private deals with various 3rd party cold outreach tools to get you massive savings.  For as little as $29/mo you can be sending out your outreach campaigns.

What exactly is a “credit”? +

A credit = one valid prospect that has complete contact information, including first name, last name, job title, company name, cite/state/country and a verified business email address.

What happens to my credits if I don’t use them? +

Unused credits will roll over each month and never expire.  Even if you decide to cancel, you still have access to unused credits.

What happens if I need more “credits”? +

You will be able to purchase additional credit packages at a discounted “VIP” rate.  This includes receiving 40% more credits with any of our normal plans.

Does Lead Engines integrate with my cold outreach tools? +

Most likely “Yes”, as we have integrated with the most popular cold outreach tools available – including Reply, MailShake, Woodpecker, LemList, SalesForce, Replyify, ZohoCRM, Smartreach, Wavo, Hubspot, Sender, Interseller, Agile, Snov and Zapier.

What type of “after sale” support will I have? +

On top of step-by-step training videos, there are knowledgeable product specialists who are there to help you via live chat.

How long will this exclusive offer be available? +

This offer, including the 4 fast-action bonuses will only be available until the timer hits 00:00.  After that, you will have to join at our regular pricing.

Still have questions?

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