How Cold Email Agencies Support More Clients with Less Work

Lead-Engines started as a cold email agency.

And as an agency, we experienced growing and scaling pains that smaller email marketers simply don’t. That’s why we made Lead-Engines.

As easy as it is to load up a giant list of leads into a cold email campaign, when you want to start segmenting and personalizing the email sequences things start to get more complicated.

Then throw being a cold email agency into the mix.

Some of your clients have no email campaigns which means you have to warm them and start from scratch. Others are in far more dire situations – spam listed into silent frustration and often times on a weird tool even experienced emailers have never heard of.

And they still need new campaigns, duplicates removed from data, a variety of search filters, and someone has to count email addresses to see how many prospects have been found.

Things get complicated quickly – You either have to force clients to switch platforms or change your process. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense for either of you to budge and it kills the deal.

But Lead-Engines was made with the agency in mind. It’s designed for the bumps in the road that come with managing cold email campaigns for clients.

  1. Lead-Engines natively integrates with 9 different cold email tools. That means it plugs into whatever your client is using. And if it doesn’t, the Lead-Engines team is always happy to integrate with more platforms – especially when our agency partners ask!
  2. Lead-Engines handles all of the deduplication. Deduplication can be one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of the list building process if your client has been previously working with other agencies. Especially if you have to pay for data without being able to upload your own blacklist!
  3. Lead-Engines handles credit management. You can easily control how much data each client gets (and benefit from bulk pricing) switching between a ton of accounts.

Not to mention the amount of time that drip upload and our AI name cleaning save…

That’s why cold email agencies are choosing Lead-Engines as their data provider. It turns list building from the most time intensive and painful parts of cold email to an easy and scalable value add that works with whatever system their clients are already using.

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